The 3.11 disaster and schools in Futaba

 After the 3.11 disaster, each municipality in Futaba District resumed their municipal schools at their evacuation sites. As of December 2015, Kawauchi and Hirono have reopened their elementary and middle schools within their local districts, and the other towns and villages operate their municipal schools outside of their local districts at their evacuation sites.

 In spring 2014, Futaba Mirai Gakuen High School was founded in Hirono Town, and the school is now building new facilities and planning to become a joint junior high and high school. At the same time, five prefectural high schools that were originally located within Futaba District and currently have satellite facilities at their evacuation sites are planning to close down at the end of the 2016 academic year.

 Only 10% of the children of Futaba District currently attend one of the districts municipal schools, while the remaining 90% attend local schools at their evacuation sites.


■Number of students attending Futaba District’s municipal schools




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