Furusato Souzou Gaku

  “ふるさと創造学”(“Furusato Souzou Gaku”) is a generic term to represent a locally-focused learning activity, and has been organized by 8 municipalities from the Futaba District since 2014. It will be able to assist children to transform their experience thorough the restoration from the 3.11 disaster into a zest for living.

  As an active learning project, it encourages children to set problems, deeply consider and examine them, and develop their own solutions by looking at their everyday lives and local community.



To cultivate problem solving ability and the strength to carve out their own future,  it aims to expand these competencies.

  • Pride for one’s identity
  • Individual autonomy to act with thoughts and passion
  • Collaboration to work with people having various backgrounds
  • Creativity to leverage one’s knowledge and skills and design solutions



  •  Learning through the inquiry study process, with setting problems, gathering information, considering and examining them, and developing their own solutions or ideas
  •  All the “people”, “things” and “events” related to the local community are great resources  for childrens’ learning
  •  Engage in experimental activities including meeting new people, going on field trips, conducting research, and putting their learning into practice by collaborating with local community members and external organizations


Students of the district will gather and share their efforts with each other at the “Furusato Souzou Gaku Summit” which is held once every year.

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