Our vision

  The eight municipalities in Futaba District are currently facing a formidable challenge, reconstructing  the education environment after the Great East Japan Earthquake and the nuclear accident (the 3.11 disaster).

  In order to work towards innovating education, developing the children’s competency in adapting to a changing society and to encourage them to generate ideas and goals for the future, “Educational Innovation Vision of Futaba District” was developed in July 2013.

Vision Background

  The Vision was built under the leadership of superintendents of education from the eight municipalities of Futaba District, with support from the central and prefectural governments, Fukushima University, and other community organizations.  To realize the Vision, the Council of Educational Innovation in Futaba District from the Fukushima Disaster was established and continues to meet.

  At the time of developing the Vision, “Futaba District Children’s Future Sessions” were held and children and adults shared their opinions with each other about their education and future. The ideas and opinions of the participants were incorporated into the Vision.

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Educational Innovation Vision of Futaba (in Japanese)